why I am 90% vegan

It’s no secret that I enjoy plant-based foods. I just love my healthy bowls and smoothies because they keep me energized and focused. And let’s also not forget about the fact that there are no animals harmed in the process of creating a vegan meal!

My journey to veganism

I’m sure that most of you have come across my beautiful girlfriend either on this blog or on my Instagram-page. Her compassion for animals made her go vegan quite some time ago. As we fell in love she inspired me to be more caring towards the living beings around us as well. After all, it’s a shame how the mass-production of meat, dairy, and eggs has impacted not only the farm-animals themselves but also our entire planet.

But as much as I enjoy vegan food for it’s ethical and environmental benefits – I still struggle to align a plant-based lifestyle with my fitness goals. Countless times I have worried about my protein intake, vitamin b12 deficiency or – worst case – overall malnutrition. Because let’s face it: Munching on nuts and salads all day might make you feel very healthy but who could tell if that’s really the case on a deeper physiological level?

Should I go fully vegan?

I’ll tell you who can: Besides visiting your physician (who might probably not be the most understanding, vegan-friendly person) healthlabs.com will tell you everything you want to know! Just check them out and get yourself tested! I’ll do so myself and keep you updated on it. Should I go fully vegan? Or incorporate some animal products into my diet to help my body function properly? A test on healthlabs.com will show me how to combine health and veganism!

As for now, I am 90% vegan. I try not to force myself into it and occasionally enjoy vegetarian meals with eggs or dairy. But I always make sure that the animal products I consume are as ethically and organically sourced as possible.

So what about you? Are you vegan, vegetarian or omnivore? Are you perhaps planning to go vegan? If you are, make sure to check out healthlabs.com and get some qualified info about your body’s needs!


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